Trophy Max 700 lb – Stand & Fill


700 lb. Capacity
Diamond plate steel, all welded construction
Skid Mounted
Hinged waterproof lid
Limited light Solar charger
Integrated lockable varmint cage
Load from the ground or pickup bed



Our 700 lbs capacity Trophy Max 700 model deer feeder. Anything said about our 1,000 lb model can be said about its smaller brother. Also made from industrial diamond plate steel to endure the harsh conditions found on the lease. Winter, summer, spring or fall your all welded construction Bowed Up Feeder will last for many years.

The same heavy skids provide a solid base and will allow you to position the deer feeder just about any place. They also make moving the feeder into position a breeze – in all terrains. The upturn at each end of the skids act like a ski when dragging and the rounded skid tips keep sharp corners from you boots and tires.

The hinged lid is waterproof so the contents of the 700 lb capacity feed storage box is protected from rain, frost and dew. Nothing turns a lot of work and money into frustration like a little moisture. You will appreciate the Bowed Up design, including the lift handle large enough to use with your gloves on. Yes we know it gets cold on the lease….we are hunters too!

What can we say about The TIMER. We use it on our product line because it is the best. Why would be build the best, toughest, well thought out deer feeder and use any other timing system. You can visit their website for specifications on this incredibly dependable timer.

Limited light solar charger – lets face it …. sometimes it is cloudy for days on end. Some solar panels require direct sunlight beaming down on the panel to generate any power. Our engineers have come up with a great panel that will squeeze out ever last millivolt from each day to assure continuous operations.

Loading corn into feeder

We are hunters and realize the the corn or other feed we are spreading is attractive not only to the deer but other critters also. That’s why we integrate a lockable varmint cage on our box models (1,000 lb and 700 lb). Coons, bears or even a marauding cow cannot get to the mechanism for an extra mouthful.

If you have any questions you can call us during normal working hours Texas time.

Load from the ground or pickup bed